Donnerstag, Dezember 24, 2009

A new brand is born

Somewhere close to Basel, Switzerland Dezember 24th 2009
The fashion world will be stirred up this Christmas as it marks the emergence of a new fashion label. Compliant to all fair trade regulatories this company only employs highly overeducated graduates over 21 (gern geschehen) from Germany and Switzerland. Making use of the finest tissues and the latest technology in embroidery and sewing this company aims at the premium class of fashion (with the core customer in the age of 0-5).
The "biohazard" like logo is just a nod to the hobby of our sewers: chemistry.

Here we proudly present: QuLe Software

*due to the incompetency of the brand manager (kann ich ahnen, dass die so lange brauchen für diese Labels???) the new collection will only be readily available starting from January 7th 2010. So stay tuned.